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Construction Safety Netting in Talywain

Will construction safety netting benefit your workers? Working on a construction site holds many risks, for that reason there are many preventative measures put in place for workers including, personal protection equipment, scaffolding, and fall arrest systems. We provide a range of fall arrest systems available for a wide range of work carried out on a building, from minor maintenance to extensive rebuilds.

What Are The Advantages on Construction Nets?

Construction safety netting is a reliable, effective way of providing protection for a group of workers. It works by preventing a worker from falling further should footing be misjudged at height, acting as a shock absorber. It is recommended by health and safety regulators that the net is placed as close to the workers as possible to decrease the impact of a fall. Safety nets work well in conjunction with other safety systems, such as safety edge barriers on scaffolding.

What Is The Difference Between Safety Nets and Safety Rope?

Netting is by far the better option when it comes to fall arrest due to its softer feel. It tends to give a softer more comfortable landing, absorbing shock better than rope which is much harder. This doesn’t compromise its durability or reliability in any way. So for more information on construction netting, contact us now on 01691 683620.